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While at the bedside of my my father who was a painter and dying of Parkinson’s Disease, I remember the conversation as if it was yesterday. “Son, I am not sure what you are going to be when you grow up (At this time I was 17) but when your done being a rock star, get into those things called computers and whatever it is you to do, do it with all your heart, be too good to be true and make sure you help people along the way.”

This was my fathers dream for me and so it was at this moment I wrote a poem called PAINTERS DREAM.


In December 2013, Painters Dream Productions celebrated its 12th year anniversary as a part-time Website Design/Hosting & Audio/Video Production company.

In January 2014, PDP decided to step out in faith and go FULL TIME and since 1988 we have produced websites for 400+ businesses, private individuals, and not-for-profits.

PDP added to its list of services PROFESSIONAL CD PRODUCTION & PROMOTION. PDP has recorded and assisted in arranging over 20+ projects for professional live distribution. With the term(s) “the better you do, the better I do” these relationships have created a win-win for both us and our clients; with our focus being on designing products that exceed retail store quality”.

What has been described thus far as an A-Z production process that is normally a “by menu” cost to the customer, with all services normally under multiple roofs, we do it all under one roof and provide pricing that can beat almost anyone. Our concern has and will always be affordability for our clients. PDP’s long term goal is to attract and maintain a client base where we provide an affordable method of providing quality products with the most obvious step to reduce costs.

4th Quarter of 2014 & The U.S. Military All-Stars

Towards the end of 2014, we received a call from one of our current clients telling us that they were taking over a military baseball team and they wanted to utilize all of our services. Website Design, Audio & Video Production & Social Media Marketing. 


Social Media has become a key factor in marketing today for Painters Dream Productions. We have been working on social media for over 10 years now and FINALLY the wait is over, combining photos, videos and audio in one spot.

In the middle of 2015, we saw our social media marketing/consulting portion of our business explode with the addition of our new client Ridgerock Entertainment Group and their movie “The Masked Saint”. Here we were able to really use all of our gifts and talents.

At the end of 2015 due to the promotional needs of “The Masked Saint” we made a decision to open up a new division of our company IN THE RING PROMOTIONS to cater to the needs of the professional wrestling industry. This brought us into many opportunities to not only utilized the website design side of our business, but it caused an expansion of the photography and video productions side.

The work has not stopped and neither have we. The needs of our clients comes first and foremost and will always be our top priority